Thermography is not new.

Temperature-taking is the gold standard in health care.

Learn how to use this safe imaging to lower your risk of all diseases. Tune up the functions of your tissues.

By using safe temperature readings, the processs of Cancer can be seen years before the process becomes a presence - a 'something' seen by a Mammogram - radiation testing. The Thermogram is first - it will tell you when to get a Mammogram or a different test such as MRI, CT or US.

Get a Safe Thermogram First.

We are excited to bring good news in the battle against Breast Cancer.

Although Breast Cancer screening or scanning, is our major service, Thermography is a sensitive and safe imaging modality with many health applications. It is up to your doctor to determine if temperature changes are clinically relevant in your case. The nervous system, the muscular system, the joints, the circulatory system, the lymphatic system - especially relevant in Cancer, all demonstrate changes in temperature when function is altered from normal to 'not-normal'. 

The good news concerning Breast Cancer is in Early Detection. Early detection saves lives is the well-known mantra of Cancer research. Thermography because it can see the start of the Cancer process has moved the point of detection to the good side of 'sooner' by almost ten years!

Cancer as a process of tumor formation and growth, can now be observed as it begins because it heats up before it ignites, like lightning striking the forest. Because it is 'hotter' than normal, the process of Cancer tumor growth - as opposed to -  normal  tumor growth - is detected by the heat. Cancer is hot. Benign is not. Based on the change in the heat pattern, Thermography shows whether or not the lesion is acting like a Cancer tumor - i.e., heating up or acting like a benign lump. bump, cyst, fibroid, or calcification - staying cool. Safe infrared imaging, taking the temperature with a camera connected to a computer, is sensitive to the first subtle signal that the body has turned on the Cancer switch. This is huge good news.


The news is good because by observing the fact that Cancer has begun and also understanding what the Cancer is doing, the patient can alter their lifestyle and make some changes BEFORE the process erupts or ignites into full Cancer growth rates. This safe imaging will enable people to know their Cancer risk (see: Delta T - Your True Cancer Risk) and control, modify and lower that risk by changing the cellular environment in their own bodies.

The information offered here is the result of thirry years of independent Cancer research. To summarize the position from which this information is presented, consider this:

"If we do not attempt to kill the immune cells when the body responds to infection, then perhaps we should not try to kill the Cancer cells when the body responds to toxicity?" (author)

Thermography is simple. Taking the temperature has always been the Gold Standard of health care. The moment the human began to care for another human, the palm of the hand was applied to the forehead to see if the patient was hot or cold. That is all we are doing with our modern infrared camera, 'hopped-up' by fancy software - taking the temperature.

There is no touching. (see: Getting a Thermogram) The camera sits six feet away. No compression. So women who have had surgery are absolutely safe and can use the most sensitive imaging available. Women who have hosted Cancer previously have a safe way to watch for returning Cancerous activity. The cost is very low for procedures like imaging. Insurance is not required. 

We want of offer our services to those who understand that health is a personal responsibility. Health is one of those life things that is a product of input and output. Health is simply a condition, a state of being, in which the cells in the body have access to the power from the Sun in the form of correct foods and water.

A more accurate understanding of what disease is - seen not as a mistake that body commits, but rather as a response to the environment, offers patients tremendous encouragement to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Thermography provides a safe tool for monitoring the function of how the body is functioning. Just like the thermostat on the dashboard of the car. Taking the temperature, the oldest tool in the doctor's bag, is ironically, the newest tool to defeat Cancer.

Here are a few words of encouragement as you set out on your own to control and determine your level of health: 

"If it is to be, it is up to me." (Those are the most powerful ten two-letter words in the English language) 

"Learn how to operate your body, or someone else will operate on it for you."

"Toxicity has replaced infection as the major disease vector, making people ill, sick, diseased and dying."

"Cancer is not a disease like other diseases - it is more a cellular adaptation to a toxic extra-cellular environment - Cancer represents a switch in metabolism from aerobic to anaerobic."

"The Cancer cells go where the cancer cells go because their food is there - just like the geese in the cornfield, the mice in the grain, the rats in the dump, the bee to the flower."

What is intended for the person concerned with Cancer, is to provide a new perspective on the condition. If one can accept it - the purpose of Cancer is to save one's life - not take it.

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